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Long range shooting (600 yards) is held the second and fourth Sundays from 9 am to Noon, weather permitting. Contact Gil Mastrofini for weather closings and answers to questions: 541-601-7426.

Long range shooting is commonly described as anything 300 yards and over. There are many different sub-categories in the long range rifle shooting discipline. This broad range of competitions include, but is not limited to, BPC or Black Powder Cartridge, NRA Highpower, Military Service Rifle, Metallic Silhouette, Long Range Varmint, Tactical Rifle, and 1000 Yard Benchrest.

For all the disciplines there are some basic necessities to get into the game.

A person needs a rifle, in good working condition, with an appropriate barrel twist rate to shoot the heavier bullets commonly used for long range work.

Appropriate caliber ammunition for the rifle being used.

Optics, to see the target or whatever they are shooting at, whether it be a spotting scope or high magnification riflescope.

Some sort of shooting platform; sand bags, rifle rest, bi-pod, or shooting table.

Finally, creature comfort aids. No one likes laying on the hard ground, so a shooting pad of some sort is nice. For those using a shooting table, an adjustable stool which can be raised and lowered is a nice touch.

Below is an idea of how far the 600 yard shoot really is, as the target is barely noticeable in the distance, just below the treeline.  There are 2 benches with 4 spots to setup, depending on if you are a right or left handed shooter.