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Revised November 2016

General Rules


1.             Shooting starts at 8:00 am weekdays and 9:00 am weekends.  Shooting ends at 8:00 pm or legal sunset, (Medford) whichever is earlier.  The       sunset times are clearly posted on the bulletin board at the gate and in every shooting station.  Shooting outside of these hours is prohibited.  These hours apply to archery as well.


2.             No alcohol or drugs will be consumed on AGAC property.  No one under the influence shall enter AGAC property.


3.             All people using the range, including guests, must sign in upon arrival at any shooting station they intend to use.  All guests must be accompanied by an adult AGAC member.


4.             Minors (under 18) must be under the direct supervision (same bay) of the AGAC adult member who brought them while they are at the AGAC range.


5.             Eye and ear protection is highly recommended in all active shooting areas.


6.             The wildlife at AGAC is protected and must not be harassed, menaced, or harmed.  Hunting on AGAC property is prohibited.


7.             Observe the speed limit of 10 mph (dust).


8.             AGAC has no garbage service.  Please do not put metals, food items, liquids, or dirt like substances in the garbage cans.  Put all dud rounds and all metal shell cases in the provided buckets if you don’t take them home.


9.             Never give out your access gate code; this is critical to the security of our club.


10.          Directives of AGAC Safety Officers are to be followed immediately; safety is all important.


11.          Respect all “CLOSED” signs and ropes or cones that restrict access.


“Cooperation and Friendliness” is the motto of AGAC.  But if you see someone violating the rules, or behaving in an unsafe manner, you can remind them of the club rules or safety issue.  If you are reluctant to address the person or they have responded in a negative manner, there is no need for confrontation.   Call the club number, 541-622-5152, and leave appropriate information along with your observation.  This is our club and it takes each of us to keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone.



Rifle and Pistol Range Rules


1.             All firearms, except holstered pistols, will be maintained in an unloaded condition except when pointed down range and on the firing line.  All actions will remain open except when the firearm is in use.  Holstered pistols are considered safe and may be loaded, but loaded pistols shall not be drawn until the shooter is on the firing line and ready to shoot. 


2.             There are red beeping lights in the rifle range shooting area to be turned on when someone goes downrange.  If you see a red light or hear the beeps, always assume someone is down range until you have traveled downrange and checked behind the 100 yard backstop, and are positive the entire downrange area is unoccupied.


3.             When anyone is downrange from any shooting station, all actions must be open, except for holstered pistols, and there is to be no handling of any firearm.


4.             All firearms, except holstered pistols, will be unloaded when changing from station to station or when moving on the firing line.


5.             Be sure of your target and backstop.  Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.


6.             Except as permitted in this paragraph, all shooting is to be at paper targets mounted on target stands provided by AGAC.  You may use your own metal targets provided they are designed to spin, swing or move so that all bullets striking them are deflected directly into the backstop berms.  These approved steel targets must be placed directly into the backstop 2 to 3 feet above the range floor.  Absolutely no shooting at any target placed on the range floor or at any non-approved target, including exploding targets of any kind. 


                Pick your shooting bay so that every bullet hits low on the backstop.  Do not shoot into the dirt in front of any berm.  Move forward as needed.  We want no ricochets!!


                No firearms with muzzle energies over 6000 lbs. are to be fired on AGAC property.  This is basically a 50 BMG or equivalent.


7.             No firearms may be fired on “full auto” on AGAC property.  This includes firearms with “bump fire” stocks, cam activated triggers, or other mechanical devices that allow the firearm to shoot or sound like it is being fired on full auto.


8.             No Tracer or armor piercing ammunition is to be fired on AGAC property at any time.  Other bullets containing steel are permitted during non-fire season.  No bullets containing steel shall be used on the range during fire season.  Use the magnets on the back wall to test your ammunition.  Fire season dates will be clearly posted in the bays.


Archery Range Rules


1.             Place the $1.00 daily range fee for each trip to AGAC in the steel box next to the bay’s entry gate.


2.             Use field tips only in the sight in area and on the walking courses.  Broadheads may be shot into the sand pile next to the “sight in” bay or you may bring your own target/backstop.  Do not use the AGAC bales of hay for a broadhead backstop.


3.             Draw your bow with the arrow pointing towards the target, not up in the air.  If you can’t do this, lower your draw weight.  If you are uncomfortable with any distance, move closer.


4.             The range has been approved safe by the National Field Archery Association as laid out.  Stay on the marked trails, and never shoot more than 5 yards to the left or right of the shooting stakes.


5.             When cars on the entrance road, service road, or near the gate are passing behind or near the targets, wait until they have passed before shooting.


6.             No bow or crossbow with a draw weight exceeding 80 lbs. is to be used on the Archery Range.