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Range Types Available

Below we have listed the types of ranges available for your use.  Please adhere to the types of calibers allowed on each range, for your safety and the safety of others.  


Archery Ranges


Sight-In-Bay – This bay is for use with field tip arrows only, (with the exception of the sand pit).  The front of the bay has a 10x30 foot covered area.  The bay has Pacific Bow Butt targets set at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards.  There is also a sand sight-in pit for sighting in your broadhead arrows.  You may also bring your own target/backstop, but do not place in front of any of the targets or bales as the broadhead arrows will destroy them.


Shooting Courses – The first walking course begins to the left of the Sight-In-Bay.  This course has 14 targets placed at various unmarked distances up to 60 yards apart.  The target/backstops used are Pacific Bow Butts.


The second walking course begins near the end of the first course up the hill from the rifle bay parking area.  This course has 14 Pacific Bow Butt target/backstops spaced and marked up to 100 yards apart.


Safety - Stay on marked trails and never shoot more than 5 yards to the left or right of the shooting stakes.  When cars are on the entrance road, service road, or at the gate near the targets, wait until they have passed before shooting.  No bow or crossbow with a draw weight exceeding 80 lbs. is to be used on the Archery Range.


An archer in the sight-in bay.

Trever Niestrath 2-time National Champion Train to Hunt.

Soon he will be a big archer!

5- Stand Sporting Clay Range


5-Stand offers shotgun shooting from 5 shooting stations placed side-by-side, only a few feet apart. 8 target machines throw clays from a multitude of angles and distances.   5-Stand is only done at scheduled shoots with Range Safety Officers present.

Pistol Ranges (25 Yards)

The 2 pistol ranges are 25 yards in length, with stands are the end of the range for you to setup your targets.  Please shoot ONLY pistol calibers on these ranges.  You are allowed to move forward, but if there are multiple shooters on the range, please communicate your intentions with your fellow club members to make sure no one is ahead of anyone else (everyone needs to be shooting from the same distance).  If you are taking turns and you are not actively shooting at a target, please do not touch your firearm(s) while someone is down range.  Keep your actions open and communicate with the other shooter(s) that they are OK to fire.  

We have plenty of ladies who like to shoot.

Pistol shootersBay 2

Tactical Range (40 Yards)

This range is designed to facilitate "tactical" shooting, i.e., with movement, from behind barriers to mimic real life offensive/defensive situations.  This range is just under 50 yards deep, and is oriented in such a way to prevent any potential issues of a stray bullet leaving the range.  This range is open to rifles, pistols and shotguns of any caliber, except for BMG or weapons with more than 6,000 pounds of energy.   

50 Yard Enclosed Bay

This range is an enclosed area with 8 shooting benches.  You may fire centerfire or rimfire calibers up to .338 Lapua Magnum or similar.  This range also has stands available at the 25 yard line to prop up additional targets.

Rifle Range (50, 100, 200, 240, 300, 340 Yards)

This range has multiple targets and backstops, and depending on the season, club-owned steel targets that are setup at specific intervals.  Most steel targets are setup at 100 yards, 240 yards, and 340 yards.  Please use common sense when you are shooting steel targets, such as not shooting them with steel tipped/steel cased ammunition.  Despite being AR500 rated steel, please keep larger rifle calibers targeted at 200+ yard targets.  

The first two benches (on the left) may swivel for you to reach 340 yards (also the 600 yard target board during the Long Range Shoots).  There are backstops where you may place your targets.  Anyone going down range must turn on the alarm located in the middle of the range on the wall behind you, it will make an alarm noise and flash red lights indicating people are down range changing targets.  Please communicate with your fellow members on the range if you wish to change targets.  Keep your actions open when people are down range, and do NOT handle any firearms of any kind during this time.  Firearms that are not currently being used should be placed in the provided rifle stands located behind the benches.